Regulatory assistance

Tackling regulation together

Bath and North East Somerset Council is encouraging businesses to make use of the wide-ranging expertise within regulatory services.

Some businesses avoid discussing plans with regulatory services, believing that this will attract unwanted attention and cost.

Conversely, the Better Business for All programme encourages early joint-working between regulatory officers and businesses, so that regulators can better understand business challenges, and so that businesses can get the most appropriate advice.  

Working together with Council officers can help businesses to:

  • Avoid unnecessary cost and time to rectify mistakes
  • Avoid reputational damage
  • Access other relevant business support and funding, or useful sources of information for their business.

Businesses can use regulatory services to help them:

  • Ensure they have proper licenses in place
  • Ensure that food safety and other health and safety standards and processes are in place
  • Ensure produce is correctly labelled

...and much, much more.

To find out more about Better Business for All, and to see how other businesses have benefitted from a close working relationship with regulatory services, then please visit the Bath and North East Somerset Council website.