Start2Act: energy efficiency support

24 Aug 2016

Start2Act is a 3 year long project to aid start-ups and young SMEs to make their workplace more energy efficient.

Funded by Horizon 2020- the biggest EU research and innovation programme ever- Star2Act is offering free-of-charge mentoring and training activities in 9 European countries, including the UK.

Services on Offer

  • Breakfast events on energy efficiency training
  • One to One training including 3 site visits (for SMEs)
  • Mentoring including group training and phone support (for startups)

Start2Act also has a comprehensive website, with an Interactive Energy Saving Platform that will become active in March 2017. This platform will provide:

  • Practical energy saving advice 
  • Free e-learning modules
  • A social network
  • An energy saving competition in which young SMEs can compete with each other over their energy efficiency

The project has officially launched, and Start2Act has created a survey in conjuction, to better understand the attitude and energy use behaviour of young SMEs and startups. The survey takes just 10 minutes and will help to tailor the mentoring and training to your needs. 

The Carbon Trust

Mentoring for UK participants will be delivered by The Carbon Trust, which will also be using its knowledge and experience to develop the website content and training materials.

The Carbon Trust is dedicated to creating a more sustainable, low carbon economy. Full of experts from many backgrounds and nationalities, they operate globally to help organisations tackle climate change by increasing their energy efficiency and lowering emissions.

How Do I Join?

Sign up to Start2Act free information and activities and they will keep you posted.

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