Venturefest Bristol & Bath 2017

24 Feb 2017

What is Venturefest?

The Venturefest network works with its members across the nation to support local innovation eco-systems. Each event celebrates successful new and growing businesses, as well as facilitating interaction between innovators, entrepreneurs and investors to ensure new business opportunities are developed. The network works closely with Innovate UK, The Knowledge Transfer Network and other national partners to strengthen connectivity between innovators, investors and entrepreneurs.

Venturefest Bristol & Bath

Venturefest Bristol & Bath 2017 is an eight-month programme of events to explore the challenges to and the solutions for Smart City technology.  The programme will focus on two elements: firstly, the components (energy, transport, living, infrastructure, money) that will integrate and entirely transform the way cities are run and how residents live their lives. Secondly, the technology capabilities that will be so essential to making it work. The very capabilities that exist in such quantity in Bristol and Bath. The Series began with the Series Opener on February 3rd. Over 350 delegates attended to listen to seminars, take part in interactive exhibits, and discover the latest in tech that can lead the region forward in to the future.

Smart City Seminar Series

The February Opener saw a diverse range of speakers come to gather to look at the practicalities of Smart City development. Speakers from Mastercard; MySociety; Ordnance Survey and others posed questions and solutions to some real tech challenges that are beginning to emerge in our region. How can we keep residents at the centre of technology, and what will it mean if driverless cars become the societal norm? Will we become a cashless society, and how will we heat our homes? The debate continues across the Series and culminates in a one day Thought Leadership Conference in October.

Venturefest Series Events

There are events taking place every month across the Venturefest Series. These range from CAV technology through to putting people and play at the heart of our cities. Most of the events are free to attend. The outputs from these events will inform the debate in the October Thought Leadership Conference. 

For further information on the series events and for booking information please visit:

Thought Leadership Conference

Taking place on October 17th at Watershed, this one day conference will be the culmination of the Series and will look at what we as a region have learnt about Smart City development and how we can be best placed to answer the challenges to come.