Why Bath

Students and Graduates

Harness the next generation of bright sparks

The City of Bath is home to a large student population, thanks to the presence of our two Universities and Bath College. All education providers are keen to forge links with businesses in order to give their students the best learning experience possible.  Businesses in turn benefit from fresh ideas and the opportunity to build lasting relationships with talented people.

Environmental and Low Carbon

Internationally recognised activity at the cutting-edge

The Low Carbon and Environmental Goods and Services "sector" covers a range of activities spread across many sectors such as transport, construction, and energy.

The high technology and engineering skills base in Bath and Bristol is helping to keep the West of England at the forefront of a lower carbon world, and Bristol's status as European Green Capital 2015 has drawn further attention to the West of England's strengths in this field.

Retail, Leisure and Tourism

The City of Bath - still drawing the crowds

Local retail, leisure and tourism businesses benefit from the area’s international reputation as a cultural destination.  The City of Bath's World Heritage status and natural spa facilities (the contemporary Thermae Bath Spa complex was opened in 2006) help to draw some 4.5 million visitors annually.  The total value of tourism to the local economy is estimated to be around £350 million every year.

Advanced Engineering and Electronics

More robotics than Romans...

The Bath area has a particularly long and distinguished track-record in engineering design excellence, with a number of firms also manufacturing high-precision products.  This track-record is in large part thanks to historic strengths across the physical sciences and mechanical, electronic and electrical engineering at the University of Bath.

Technological advances are being driven by research on subjects such as nanotechnology at the Universities of Bath, Bristol and the University of the West of England (UWE).

Creative and Digital

Bath - beautifully inventive

The Bath and Bristol area is now established as one of the three most creative centres in England (alongside Manchester and London), with a wealth of creative minds operating within and across a broad range of activities, from traditional arts, to publishing and digital content production.  The BBC, Creative England and Creative Skillset all have regional bases and campuses here, and the area is home to recognised award-winning firms such as Future and Imaginarium West.


Design, creation, collaboration

From the traditional arts to software development to mechanical engineering, the Bath area has always been beautifully inventive. Since Roman times, thinkers, entrepreneurs and investors have been attracted to its outstanding built and natural environment.  You'll find that the coffee-house culture introduced to Bath in the 17th and 18th centuries is alive and well today.


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