Why Bath

Creative and Digital

Bath - beautifully inventive

The Bath and Bristol area is now established as one of the three most creative centres in England (alongside Manchester and London), with a wealth of creative minds operating within and across a broad range of activities, from traditional arts, to publishing and digital content production.  The BBC, Creative England and Creative Skillset all have regional bases and campuses here, and the area is home to recognised award-winning firms such as Future and Imaginarium West.


Design, creation, collaboration

From the traditional arts to software development to mechanical engineering, the Bath area has always been beautifully inventive. Since Roman times, thinkers, entrepreneurs and investors have been attracted to its outstanding built and natural environment.  You'll find that the coffee-house culture introduced to Bath in the 17th and 18th centuries is alive and well today.

Arts and Culture

Bath is a city renowned for its cultural offer.

The population of Bath rarely rests and many local creative and inspirational people are involved in organising local festivals and major events.


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