Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme

Businesses in Bath & North East Somerset could now benefit from grants of up to £3000 to get gigabit broadband installed as part of a £2 million trial taking place in four areas around the UK.

Suppliers will be offering vouchers worth between £500 and £3000 each to local businesses which can then be used to pay for the installation of gigabit speed connections. The aim of the trial is to encourage the market to extend full fibre infrastructure in the UK by increasing demand and reducing the cost to customers.

The many benefits of a full fibre gigabit connection include:

●allowing businesses to upload and download massive files in a matter of seconds

●enabling widespread use of videoconferencing throughout an organisation

●providing an unprecedented level of reliability whilst greatly enhancing resilience

●future proofing - making sure that businesses have the technology in place to deal with the ever increasing demands for internet speed and connectivity.

●allowing businesses in remote communities to compete on a technologically level playing field with those companies based in major cities who may already have full fibre connectivity

For more information about the scheme and to search for broadband suppliers please visit

Alternatively contact us at or 01225 394378.


Broadband for businesses in Bath and North East Somerset

An effective broadband connection is a "must-have" for the vast majority of businesses, whether small or large.  Improvements are being made to broadband infrastructure across Bath and North East Somerset which will allow businesses - whether based in the City, in our market towns or in more rural areas - to take advantage of the benefits and efficiencies that greater connectivity allows. While the Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme above is only a test project, we anticipate there will be further Government-backed schemes to help businesses get connection speeds appraoaching one gigabit in 2018. 

Connecting Devon and Somerset programme

A far-reaching broadband infrastructure delivery programme which will help to bring superfast broadband to rural areas in Bath & North East Somerset. The programme will allow residentis to connect to speeds of over 24Mbps by 2020. 

You can find out about infrastructure improvements in your area through this scheme by using the postcode finder on the programme's website at .

Get Up To Speed

A programme of free workshops and talks on the benefits of broadband to business is being coordinated by the Get Up To Speed team, which is part of the Connecting Devon and Somerset programme.  Contact the Get Up To Speed team if you'd like to organise a presentation for your business group.