Events Diary

Find out what's going on for businesses in Bath and North East Somerset with the Invest in Bath events diary.

This calendar includes feeds from the most prominent business networks and organisations operating in Bath and North East Somerset and the West of England, but is not an exhaustive list - if you would like your group's events included, please let us know via Contacts.

To see more information on the event simply click on the title, clicking again will collapse it.  To see who is contributing what, simply click on the small down arrow next to the  'Agenda' tab and turn the calendar feeds of the various organisations and groups on and off at will.

For ease of identification, calendar colours have been themed as follows:

Reds/Pinks - general business and marketing; Oranges - microelectronics; Yellows - engineering and manufacturing; Greens - low carbon and environmental; Blues - creative and arts; Purples - digital and tech; Black/Browns - social enterprise.Businessnavigator-westofenglandlogos.gif

Calendar feeds brought together with the help of