Are You Ready for British Food Fortnight?

6 Sep 2016

Visitors and residents alike can attest to Bath's diverse and delicious food scene. From the creation of the "Farmer's Market" concept, to the famous Great Bath Feast, the city is all about celebrating its gastronomical prowess.

This Autumn starts with a bang as Britain's biggest annual celebration of food, the British Food Fortnight, celebrates the benefits of buying and eating food produced on our home soil. With many events taking place all over the country, Bath is joining in the fun with a programme of promotions and events that champion our local food and drink.

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Be Part of the Local Food Directory

As well as co-ordinating the programme, B&NES Council is compiling a local food directory, which the public can access via an interactive map. Sign up to get your business promoted as a local food provider.

How Else Can I Get Involved?

As a food-related business, this is a brilliant a promotion opportunity. Some examples of how your company can get involved are:

  • Promote your seasonal, local food and drink on menus and blackboards, and/or offer promotions on seasonal products. Make it clear to customers that you buy local!
  • Launch a new line of local produce; using British Food Fortnight as a promotional campaign has proved successful. 84% of new lines of food and drink stocked for British Food Fortnight promotions are retained afterwards.
  • Educate people; run competitions that teach people where their food comes from, give talks at your local school about the wonders of fresh food, give demonstrations on how your food is produced, etc. Consider children when you create your promotion, as this will encourage parents to visit. 
  • Run a tasting session; this is a chance to educate customers about your food and its origins, whilst showing them just how delicious it is.

For tonnes more tips, Love British Food have made a large list for you to browse, complete with examples of successful promotions and resources such as a guide to writing a press release.

Promoting Healthy Eating

Pouring sauce over salmon steak on a bed of fresh vegetables

B&NES Council are also running an Eat Out, Eat Well award, to reward food outlets that provide their customers with healthier food options. Applicants are scored based on the food on offer, cooking methods, and how healthy choices are promoted in their establishment. There are three levels of award; bronze, silver and gold. To enter, please call 02335 396759 or email

British Food Fortnight runs from the 17th September to the 2nd October- making it the perfect precursor to the Great Bath Feast!