Ben's Best of Bath Business Awards Are Back!

9 Jan 2017

Who do you think is the best of Bath's independent businesses?

Last year, over 80 local businesses entered to contend for a place as winner of one of 5 categories. This year the awards have expanded, with 11 categories on offer to fully reflect Bath’s range of independent businesses.

Ben Howlett, MP for Bath, created the awards last year to celebrate the diversity of the city’s independent companies. Anyone can nominate a business they think deserves an awards; just fill in the online form or email with the business name and 100 words explaining why it should win.

Strengthening the Economy

Studies show that for every £1 spent with a local, independent business, between 50p-70p circulates back to the local economy. The UK’s pop-up retail industry generates £2.1 billion a year, and proximity to an independent high street can even drive up local house prices by an estimated £40,000!

Community Spirit

By supporting independent companies, shoppers are directly affecting the wellbeing of the owner and their dependents. They are also ensuring more local jobs, and helping local suppliers; local businesses tend to shop local themselves, for anything from accountants and lawyers to advertising and produce supply. Many small, local manufacturers rely on local retailers to give them a chance, as do local artists and creatives; independent galleries and bookstores often act as springboards for local talent, willing to stock and display products where chain retailers may be more reluctant.

Have Your Say

What's your favourite independent Bath business or shopping area? Give them the recognition they deserve by nominating them for a Best of Bath Business Award, and help support Bath's hard-working indies. See the list of categories and current nominees here, and fill out the online form.