Export Academy

8 Dec 2020

The Export Academy from the Department for International Trade gives small and micro-businesses the tools and confidence to sell around the world.

Learning directly from experts in international trade, this free course will help businesses to grow their international sales, whether they are selling children’s clothes to Spain online, or providing PR services for a new client in the US.

The programme is for owners and senior managers of English SMEs with a turnover of up to £500,000, in the South West region.

Why has the Export Academy been developed?

Research from the Department for International Trade suggests that most business who could export feel that they don’t have a good level of knowledge about how to do so.

The Export Academy aims to address this uncertainty about how to sell internationally through education and support, giving businesses the tools and confidence to seek out new opportunities around the world.

What do businesses get from the programme?

  • An export action plan to take their business to international customers.
  • Educational events, independent learning, networking and group mentoring.
  • A series of educational webinars, led by experts from the Department for International Trade. Topics include e-commerce, pricing strategy, customs & tariffs, international marketing, the benefits of Free Trade Agreements, market research and export controls.
  • Inspirational first-hand accounts from SMEs and Export Champions on the challenges and rewards of growing a business internationally.
  • Support from International Trade Advisers, and an opportunity to network with other businesses that have global ambitions.
  • Access to other support from the Department for International Trade and its local trade offices, including the chance to join trade missions and apply for grants and funding.
  • Referrals to key partners, e.g. UK Export Finance or the Institute of Export, where more specialist support would help.

How can people join?

You can register to take part in the Export Academy by clicking here >

Source: www.businesswest.co.uk/export/export-academy