Free health event for local SMEs

2 Aug 2018

Owners of small businesses and sole traders from Bath and North East Somerset are being invited to a special health seminar tackling stress at work and how to best manage it. The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB)  has teamed up with Bath and North East Somerset Council’s public health and business growth teams as well as local mental health charity Bath Mind to hold the workshop.

The event aims to help business owners manage the stress, health and well-being of their employees – and indeed of themselves.

The free mid-morning seminar at Bath Racecourse on Thursday, September 13, between 10.00 and 12.00 noon is for anyone who runs a company, manages people or is a sole trader.

Sam Holliday, FSB development manager for Gloucestershire & West of England, said: “Stress is part of daily life and can help us to master challenges and achieve results. However, prolonged stress caused by exposure to adverse circumstances can damage our health, causing anxiety and impacting on our sleep and our immune system.  We can all become better at managing stress both for ourselves, and for others that we manage or work with.

This event is to support businesses to take action on stress. We will bring together experts in mental health, business and leadership and experts in the legal aspects of managing stress at work. We will also hear from local business leaders who will be talking about their experiences of creating a healthy work environment.

The morning will be practical and informative with plenty of opportunity to discuss these important issues with independent experts in the field and learn ideas and tips to create a successful working culture and environment.”

Councillor Paul Myers, Bath and North East Somerset Council’s cabinet member for Economic and Community Regeneration, said: “Most people at some time in their lives experience stress at work and some people are better at coping with it than others. However, it is really important to acknowledge and manage stress levels so it doesn’t start to impact on other aspects of your life. The particular challenge for owners of small businesses is that there is often the temptation to never switch off because you feel if  you don’t do a job it will never get done. Hopefully business owners will find time to come along and get something really positive from the seminar.”  

Hannah Roper,  from Bath Mind, said: “Current estimates state that one in six employees is suffering from a mental health problem such as stress however unfortunately this is still the elephant in the room in most workplaces. Employees are reluctant to raise the subject for fear of discrimination, while managers often shy away from the subject for fear of making matters worse or provoking legal consequences. This culture of silence means that opportunities to support someone in the workplace are being missed, resulting in staff being of sick or falling out of the workplace altogether. This event will provide tools to help managers recognise stress and improve communication in order to better support employees at work and to manage potential stress problems and absence. This event will also give you a clearer understanding of the legal obligations as an employer when it comes to the mental health of your staff. “

There is no charge for the seminar which is being sponsored by the FSB as a result of their ‘health and well-being’ campaign but you must register in advance to attend and spaces are limited.

So sign up now for an open, informative morning where there will be lots of opportunities to learn more about reducing stress-related problems with yourself or others - and deal with them when they arise.

Event Details

Date: Thursday 13 September

Time: 10am - 12noon

Location: Bath Racecourse

Cost: free

Booking: via Eventbrite page