The Future of Motion Capture- Bath University's CAMERA

11 Jul 2016

Bath University’s CAMERA (Centre for the Analysis of Motion, Entertainment Research & Applications) is showing just how many uses motion-capture can have, as they work closely with businesses to create markerless motion capture techniques, more realistic content for virtual realities, and even better quality prosthetics.

Why do we use motion capture?

Whilst motion-capture is probably best known for its uses in the entertainment industry, it was actually first developed to help train elite athletes by studying their movements. CAMERA is researching both, in collaboration with businesses such as The ImaginariumThe Foundry and British Skeleton. CAMERA is using its impressive array of high-quality Sony cameras to develop suit-less motion capture to allow athletes to move more naturally, allowing researchers to get more accurate data—and will make motion-capture in the entertainment industry a lot easier as well!

Time-lapse photo of a sprinter starting a race

Man wearing an oxygen mask, turning crank on machine in hospital environment

Movement tracking

CAMERA’s Professor James Bilzon is working with Headley Court, the Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre, in order to improve the calibre of prosthetic limbs.

Current prosthetics don’t quite work like normal limbs, which makes the wearer’s body move unnaturally. Prolonged use often causes muscle degradation and osteoarthritis. Luckily, CAMERA’s motion analysis equipment combined with 3D scanning techniques can help produce more bespoke limb attachments, enabling more natural movement of the limb, therein reducing these issues.                                                                                                          

Virtual Reality

BMT is also collaborating with CAMERA to create highly specialised training simulations for its engineers. The virtual reality used in lieu of real-life training environment must be very realistic indeed. CAMERA’s researchers are using the Centre’s HTC Vive VR System to provide the most accurate simulation possible.

Man adjusting large, high-tech camera in front of green screen curtains


What can CAMERA do?

CAMERA has a state of the art:

  • Motion Capture Studio
  • Vicon Optical Motion Capture System
  • Cara Facial Capture System
  • Ten Sony Ultra High Definition Broadcast Cameras
  • Several portable motion capture suits (including Xsens MVN Link and Perception Neuron)
  • HTC Vive VR System

CAMERA is also available for use by external companies. For motion capture, either in Studio or on location, post production services, or equipment hire, please contact CAMERA Commercial Manager, Oscar De Mello at



Any company is welcome to engage with CAMERA. All proceeds earned from charged work are reinvested back into the Centre. To find out more about CAMERA, and how your company can get involved, please click here.

All photos reproduced here are the copyright of CAMERA.