Groundbreaking Racing Tech by Cognisess

16 Mar 2017

London Wearable Technology Show

Dr Boris Altemeyer looks on as Ayrton Simmons demos Cognisess' telemetry technology

Bath-based People Analytics company Cognisess visited the London Wearable Technology Show this month to showcase their groundbreaking new EEG helmet. Cognisess CEO Christ Butt, Chief Scientific Officer Dr Boris Altmeyer and Research Associate Gerry Taulo presented their research on machine learning and people analytics, whilst elite young driver Ayrton Simmons demoed the world-first wearable technology to the crowd.

Brain Telemetry 

Brain telemetry is the monitoring of brainwaves, typically through the application of electrodes. Cognisess is embarking on ground-breaking research with Formula One stars, working with Muse- developers of the brain sensing headband- and the Young Racing Driver Academy to combine state of the art technology with neuroscience in the hopes to uncover the predictors of elite performance.

Together, Cognisess and Muse have developed the world's first racing helmet/EEG combo, the first technology that actually starts at the soruce of human decisions and predicts driver behaviour, allowing the user to correct mistakes before they even happen.

The Helmet

The technology demonstrated by Ayrton Simmons will, in time, be fitted into a full face race helmet to give real-time information on the driver's state of mind and concentration level. By using EEG technology, the helmet will live stream the driver's brain waves to the pit-crew, which is likely to include psychologists in the future.

The EEG technology, combined with Cognisess Deep LearnTM, will spot when the driver's processing on the track differs from their best performance patterns. This serves as an early warning to both driver and pit crew, which allows them to possibly prevent an upcoming mistake, such as aggressive decision making in response to an event on the track. Impulsive or emotional responses have been shown to cause drivers to misjudge risks, possibly resulting in crashes.

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Keep an eye on Cognisess' news page for more updates on their groundbreaking research into people analytics, including its place in their Cognisess User Platform, used for candidate recruitment and enhancing employee productivity.

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