Matchmaking at VR World Congress 2017

20 Feb 2017

After the huge success of VR World Congress 2016 and the Southwest VR conference, Opposable VR have organised VRWC2017, an unmissable 3 day, 2000 capacity occasion showcasing the top of the VR industry. Jam packed with world-class speakers, conferences and panels, exhibitors and enthusiasts, the event itself is headline sponsored by global tech giant AMD for the second year in a row.

Day One of the Congress will be dedicated to the VR World Congress Matchmaking Event, a fantastic opportunity to connect with key players in VR and surrounding industries. The matchmaking will be run by Enterprise Europe Network to ensure that all visitors have the time and space they need to meet with who they want. With hundreds of attendees expected at the event, VRWC aims at bringing together stakeholders from all backgrounds, from R&D and start-ups working on new developments in the industry to stakeholders from various sectors looking for new solutions and opportunities. 


About VR Congress 2017

VR World Congress is one of the world’s biggest virtual reality events, hosting over 2000 attendees across a huge three-day event based in Bristol's Marriott City Centre Hotel. 

This year will feature speakers from the industry leaders like Microsoft, the BBC, Aardman and Oculus Story Studio, explorations of new and exciting moves in VR, and thought-provoking discussions such as the 'Women in VR' Panel. You can view the speakers announced so far on their website, and even sign up to speak yourself at the next VR World Congress in 2018!

(Pictured below from left to right: Samantha Kingston from Virtual Umbrella, on the 'Women in VR' Panel. Edward Saatchi, Co-founder and Producer of Oculus Story Studio. Sarah Jones from Perspectives VR, speaking about Layers of Immersion- adding senses to 360 film.)

        Picture of Samantha Kingston, VR World Congress Speaker

The expo will include technology giant AMD, mind-bending ultrasound haptics company Ultrahaptics and VR training company BMT Reality Studios. They'll also be hosting engineering simulation experts Clicks and Links, developers of the hugely successfully VR videogames Psytec Games & Coatsink, arch viz studio Truvision and makers of incredible 3D dome systems Igloo to name but a few. Again, you can see the full list of exhibitors announced so far on the VR World Congress website.