A New Fund for Energy Efficiency Investment?

30 Sep 2016

This 4th November, the Low Carbon Team of Plymouth City Council- in co-operation with the FINERPOL Project- will hold a half-day seminar in London to examine the case for a new Energy Efficiency Investment Fund in England.

The seminar will cover lessons learned from the Green Deal, as well as the very successful London Energy Efficiency Fund, which has delivered over £65m of investment into both residential and public buildings since 2011.

What's the London Energy Efficiency Fund?

The London Energy Efficiency Fund (LEEF) invests in energy efficiency retrofitting. Using funding from the London Green Fund and the European Regional Development Fund, the LEEF invests in public, private and voluntary sector buildings throughout London. The scheme has already invested over £65m in energy efficiency measures through the capital, enabling £470m worth of projects throughout London, and has achieved a 30% average reduction in energy consumption across the LEEF's portfolio. Read more about the LEEF's success at Clean Energy News.

On the Day

12.00: Registration, Sandwich Lunch

13.00: Welcome and Introduction to FINERPOL (Alex Midlen, Plymouth City Council)

13.15: Ministerial Address: Minister invited

13.30: Greater London Authority support for Low Carbon Infrastructure. (Kenroy Quellennec-Reid, GLA)

13.50: The role of a financial intermediary in delivering energy efficiency investments. (Alex Gilbert - Amber Infrastructure)

14.10: RE:NEW and RE:FIT initiatives: Bringing energy efficiency projects to investment ready status. (Kore Mason/Virginie Caujolle-Pradenc, GLA)

14.30: Lessons from Green Deal and how do we make pay-as-you-save Investment Funds work? (Ian Hutchcroft.)

14.50: Refreshment Break

15.15: Panel and audience debate: What is the future for pay-as-you-save energy efficiency Investment Funds in England?

16.00: Summary and next steps (Alex Midlen, Plymouth City Council)

16.15: Close of meeting.

Is This For Me?

The seminar is free to book, and aimed broadly at anyone involved with energy saving or Low Carbon policy, such as:

  • Public and Private Sector Property Management companies
  • Low Carbon Policy specialists
  • Social landlords
  • Community Energy organisations
  • Energy Service companies
  • Social Investors
  • Financial Intermediaries
  • Energy Consultants

If you are interested, please book here and come along.

Date: 4th November 2016

Time: Noon

Location: Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors, 12 Great George  Street, London