Recruiting Software Developers: What's Your Experience?

2 Dec 2016

The West of England has earned its prestigious position as the UK's most productive Tech Cluster. Whilst this is great news for the area, it means recruiting good software developers is highly competitive as companies compete for top talent. 

Mayden Academy

Mayden Academy is a 16 week intensive training course run by software development company Mayden, which teaches aspiring software coders everything they need to know about being a junior developer. They leave with demonstrable experience, fully clued up on the fundamentals of coding, software design and project management.

Let them know your thoughts and issues

Mayden wants to hear about your experiences in recruiting new talent, and what kind of skills your company needs. The Mayden Academy is a unique opportunity for tech companies in the area to recruit from a pool of specifically trained prospective employees.

Take their survey to help shape the Mayden Academy curriculum and ensure that jobseekers have the skills your company is looking for.

Get in touch and find out more

To find out more about hiring Mayden Academy graduates, or more about the programme in general, please get in touch by emailing, or calling 01249 701100.

Also, check out our IT page for possible networking connections and an overview of the tech centre in Bath.