Santander Internship Programme for SMEs

3 Jun 2015

Businesses based in the Bath and North East Somerset area benefit from the large talent pool provided by Bath's two universities, but graduates often lack experience in the workplace, which can make them much less employable. SMEs can struggle to bridge the gap; training employees takes times and money that many businesses don't really have. So why should you hire an intern?

The Santander Internship Programme 

The Santander Internship Programme helps SMEs (Small and Medium sized Enterprises) to take on an intern by providing half of the intern's wages, allowing the company and student to reap the benefits without having to tighten the purse-strings.

SMEs are defined as organisations consisting of up to 250 employees, with an annual turnover below £50m. Santander will contribute £1,500 towards the cost of each 3-month internship, and the SME will pay the rest. Interns under the scheme must earn at least £1000 per month.

Both the University of Bath and Bath Spa University are taking part in the scheme, so local businesses have an opportunity to access students and recent graduates from a wide range of subjects.  Your chosen University will find the right student for your internship.

How to apply: contact the University of Bath's careers service or Bath Spa University's careers hub to discuss the programme. Santander's website also has lots of information.