University of Bath: Developing Future Champions

5 Jul 2016

Talented young athletes can be overlooked if their competitors are growing more quickly.

Luckily, mathematicians from the University of Bath are working hard to develop a statistical method that ensures junior tennis players are judged on their potential as adults, rather than their current size and strength. 

Researchers in Sports Science at the University have pinpointed how growth and maturation impact the selection of athletes. Now, in collaboration with the Lawn Tennis Association, they are finding ways to ensure promising players aren't disregarded.

As well as monitoring players' growth trajectories, PHD student Gill Myburgh suggests that "Bio-Banding"—matching opponents by maturity level rather than age— would force players and coaches to focus on skill development. Bio-Banding is already being practised by many Premier League Football academies.

For more information on how the University of Bath is helping to shape the nation's new talent, check out their article on Bio-Banding in football here


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