The West of England Devolution: What Now?

8 Sep 2016

A consultation survey, which was available to complete from the 4th July to the 15th August 2016, collected opinions and comments from 2,011 respondants about the West of England Devolution deal.

The devolution deal would mean national government giving more power and funding to local government. The deal is worth £1bn: the largest devolution deal in the country.

What Did the Survey Cover?

The survey covered 4 major sections:

  • Place (transport & housing)
  • Decision Making
  • People (Adult education & skills)
  • Business

As well as questions on the specific proposals, participants were asked their general views on the proposed Mayoral Combined Authority.

What Happens Now?

The results of the consultation will be sent to the Secretary of State responsible for local government and devolution to consider. The final decision will be taken locally on whether to accept the deal.

Should the local councils vote to accept, they would oversee the resulting new powers and funding. They would work together as the West of England Mayoral Combined Authority, along with a publicly appointed West of England Mayor.

The deal would be established in the first part of 2017, and the mayoral elections would take place across all 3 local government areas in May 2017.

Visit the West of England Devolution Deal website for more information.