Bath-wide, regional and national groups

Network with organisations and groups in the wider area and region

Business West

A not-for-profit membership organisation representing over 6,000 businesses across Bath, Bristol, Swindon, Wiltshire and Gloucestershire, Business West offers networking and lobbying support for businesses of all sizes and sectors.  Business West is the managing body of the Bath and North East Somerset Chamber of Commerce and The Bath and North East Somerset Initiative (see below).

Business West’s Voice for Business scheme ensures that business concerns are raised at local, subregional and national levels.

The organisation also delivers a raft of business support services on behalf of Government and other public sector bodies, and also operates its own paid-for services. See our Starting and Growing a Business sections.

Bath Chamber of Commerce

Bath Chamber of Commerce offers networking and lobbying opportunities for businesses of all sizes and sectors operating across the Bath area.

The Initiative in Bath and North East Somerset

A membership organisation which provides influencing and lobbying support on strategic issues concerning the Bath area, such as large transport schemes, business premises, and the promotion of the area as a place to do business.

Federation of Small Businesses

The well-known Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) operates nationally and is a key influencer at local and national Government level on issues relating to small business growth.  Membership of the FSB offers benefits such as a tax advice line, 24/7 access to legal advice, and the Bath branch of the FSB works with the local authority to ensure that small business concerns are represented.

Small Business Focus

Small Business Focus Limited is a membership-led, not-for-profit company limited by guarantee whose end goal is to make Bath and North East Somerset a wonderful place to work and live. A nominal membership fee is charged. The members – which are usually sole traders or micro-firms - offer peer support and advice, professional services and active collaboration to fellow members, but also to the wider business community. Activities include regular business breakfasts, evening seminars, craft markets, site visits to larger companies and annual special events. In addition, Small Business Focus works closely with local Councils to lobby and represent the interests of all micro and small businesses and to disseminate information on available funding and outside advice.


There are two BNI networks in the Bath and North East Somerset area. Members attend business networking events every week, they have 1-2-1 meetings to get to know each other properly. They hear testimonials being given and they see a presentation every week from other members. It is all of these things that lead to credibility and trust, which in turn leads to members having the confidence to pass business opportunities amongst each other.

In each networking group only one representative from a particular industry is allowed to attend. This means that as the group builds its membership, there are no competitors in the room to contend for new business with. The working synergies between the members start to develop. Once these members have got to know and trust each other, fantastic working relationships begin to develop and they go on to pass each other lots of business opportunities every week!

Bath Business Women’s Association

A membership organisation for women running businesses, or those working in larger businesses or conglomerates, across the District.  The Association runs a series of events and workshops on a variety of themes which give members opportunities to meet and exchange contacts and knowledge.