Delivering in Bath

We value imaginative, entrepreneurial investors and developers, visionary architects and designers who share our values.  We recognise the necessity of building strong, positive relationships with developers – of being clear, commercial and straightforward in negotiations and minimising risk and uncertainty.

Aspirations for future development:

  • A commitment to the highest appropriate quality of design – not only fit for a World Heritage City, but for the district
  • An understanding of and empathy for the Council’s aspirations for sustainable economic growth and creation of appropriate employment opportunities
  • Creates a vibrant business destination that attracts entrepreneurs and small creative businesses
  • Balances the city as a tourist destination between the needs of visitors and the needs of those who live and work in the area
  • Provides suitable and appropriate residential development to support and encourage economic growth and housing requirements
  • Creates places to walk and cycle minimising the impact of the car with an emphasis on the space between buildings to provide places to enjoy the surrounding environment
  • Attracts developers/investors who understand our commitment to providing homes for all at an award winning quality
  • Delivers development which reinforces existing communities and demonstrates leadership in terms of sustainability and carbon reduction
  • Promotes development that supports the Council’s movement policies

In return for these commitments, Bath and North East Somerset Council will promote active liaison ensuring that the Council acts corporately – providing a coordinated response to development proposals as they emerge.